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Core Principles

Pamada has five key goals it drives from its teams, in its projects, in all its activities; namely seeking to make them;

Financially sustainable;
Providing realistically priced quality product whilst maximising internal return through efficient management. Driving expectations from the outset that are reasonable and justifiable.

Ecologically / environmentally sustainable;

Combining efficient design through maximum use of renewable resources. Efficient design and minimal disturbance of natural habitat, regrowth balance with safe public amenity.

Socially balanced and equitable;

Careful master planning ensuring efficient design is matched with privacy, ease of access to homes with safe and easily accessible places for people to interact freely. Looking to provide equity in access for all our projects.

Doing so over time (and time and time again); and

Enhancement of lessons learned from previous projects with continued improvement of key components that produce optimum projects.

Creating and promoting a culture;

Creation of project communities where our teams, partners, users and beneficiaries can all develop a common positive approach to the creation of great projects.