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Pamada - About us
Pamada seeks to create, manage, deliver and participate in great projects we can all be proud of.

Pamada is a discrete property company founded by Mark Sydney in 1984 and today continues with Mark as Managing Director. Over the years Pamada has been transformed from an architectural practice to a fully fledged property services company that can participate in projects flexibility to achieve the best outcomes for all the project stakeholders. Current and completed projects of approximately eight hundred million dollars with a keen focus on the areas of residential development design, renewable energyand advisory services.

Pamada, without publicity, quietly has gone about its work, being involved with hundreds of projects to date in Australia an in other parts of the world. In pursuing its goal to create the best possible product in its market, Pamada has a stated objective to create genuine quality amenity for living whilst maintaining first quality design and sustainability initiatives.


Key drivers of our business are:
• Making creative and innovative projects happen
• Aligning core activities to ensure best outcomes for projects
• Delivering complex projects in a controlled fashion
• Achievement of the highest standards in delivery